At A2D2 Cirque Centre we are passionate about providing you with extraordinary service. We are committed to quality teaching that is safe, fun and inspiring.

A2D2 Cirque Centre (“Cirque Centre”) currently runs three sessions a year:

Fall Session – September – December
Winter Session – January – June
Summer Session – July & August

We have pro-rated our prices for each session to $20 – $25 per class. This fee is based on the length of the class and the intensity of the training.

Anyone who attends a class as a DROP IN is charged $30 per class. You are welcome to drop-in to a similar level class for this additional fee.

Each registrant is charged 50% upon registration & 50% half way through the session. For late registration (someone who does not register at the beginning of the session) 50% is due upon registration with the remaining 50% due four weeks following.

Costume costs

Every student enrolled in our Winter Session will be made part of our year end Showcase. This is an off-site event that will be choreographed and rehearsed in classes leading up to the show. Each Winter Session student will have a $75 costume deposit added to their initial invoice.

The remaining balance of the costume will be added to the final invoice. Costumes that are not paid for will be kept by Cirque Centre. The deposit of $75 will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Adult Aerial Combo classes are the only classes that do not participate in our year end showcase.

Refund/Cancellation policies

All classes are non-refundable. Our classes only fit 6-8 students at a time, meaning we turn away potential enrollment when you have signed up for a class. Please note that although we do not issue refunds we will do what we can to help you find a makeup-class schedule that works for you.

All makeup classes must happen within the same session. We do not allow carry overs. Each time you register for a makeup class a $2 fee is added to your account. Our new online system will let you know which class you are privy to take as a makeup so you are learning a similar skill at a similar level to your current class.

Under no circumstances will Cirque Centre refund the initial registration fee or the costume deposit.

Uniform requirements

Cirque Centre recommends you to wear a body suit to prevent body burns. We also recommend you wear long pants that cover down to your ankle. Circus can HURT but it hurts a lot less with proper clothing on.

Cirque Centre sells a variety of items for your convenience. Please visit the waiting room loft for prices and displayed sizes.

Viewing room

**Due to COVID-19, the viewing room is closed until further notice.**

Cirque Centre has a viewing room on our upper loft. Parents are welcome to stay for their child’s class and observe. The room is not sound proof so we ask that you please keep talking to a minimum and refrain from talking on your cellphone. Please be sure to take your shoes off before entering the main studio and walk upstairs.

If you choose not to stay and watch your child’s class there is a Tim Hortons down the street and an amazing coffee roastery called FAIR GROUNDS just north on Ogden Ave.

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